Charleston, Illinois

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Marcus and David Yoder were born and raised in the Amish heartland of Arthur, Illinois. Growing up on a farm with a carpenter father, they naturally enjoyed building things that last.  With their love of carpentry and great friendship as brothers, Marcus and David launched D&M Construction in 2016, and rebranded as I-57 Roofing in 2020.

At I-57 Roofing, our goal is to be the premium roofing service company in the state. We sit down with our customers and help them pick the best roofing solution for their needs, whether the traditional look of quality architectural asphalt shingles, energy-saving roof coatings that can restore and prolong the life of commercial and industrial roofing systems, or the incomparable durability of standing seam metal roofs fabricated on-site and customized to each roof.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Let us protect you and your building with an I-57 Roof!


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Charleston, Illinois

Exceptional Roofing Services For Charleston, IL Residents

Weathered Wood colored shingles installed on residence in Charleson, ILPopularly known as “Chucktown” by locals, Charleston provides a rich array of historical, cultural, and recreational attractions. In 1858, Abraham Lincoln and Stephen Douglas engaged in one of their famous presidential debates here. A violent tornado ripped through Charleston in 1917, destroying over 220 homes. 56 years later, Jimmy John’s established its first location near downtown; the rest became history.

Born and raised in neighboring Arthur, the Yoder brothers founded I-57 Roofing, intending to become the premier roofing company in Illinois. Whether you need residential or commercial roofing services, I-57 Roofing covers you securely. Our passion for delivering superior customer service, exquisite craftsmanship, and outstanding roofing products ensures you always receive the best solutions.

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Setting The Standard For First-Rate Roof Replacement

At I-57 Roofing, we have the knowledge and experience to identify problem areas that require roof replacement. When you involve us, we perform a comprehensive roof inspection that investigates visible and not-so-obvious issues. Subsurface damage to your structure has the potential to cause significant long-range problems that can multiply and spread if left untreated. We proactively resolve these challenges.

The Benefits Of Replacing Your Roof In Charleston, IL

Your home represents your most cherished belonging. Protect your home with a new roof once your existing roof has run its course. At I-57 Roofing, we specialize in roof replacement services. Consider the following advantages of installing a new roof:

  1. Increased curb appeal. An attractive new roof enhances your home’s appearance. With the ability to customize styles and colors, homeowners can secure an aesthetically-pleasing design that meets their needs and preferences.
  2. Greater energy efficiency. Modern technological advances have transformed the performance of roofing materials. Today’s roofing products take advantage of energy efficiency innovations that reduce your energy consumption.
  3. Improved return on investment. Most current roofing products exhibit greater longevity than in previous generations. This development significantly benefits homeowners because they do not need to replace their roofs nearly as often.
  4. Added security. Your home’s roof protects your home from the elements. A new roof offers structural stability and enables your home to withstand outside influences (such as wind, rain, snow, and falling debris).

Charleston, IL’s Commercial Roofing Specialists

If you own or operate a commercial building, you understand the importance of a well-maintained roofing system. When your roof fails, you need a commercial roofing company that responds quickly and provides permanent solutions. At I-57 Roofing, we repair, reinforce, restore, and replace commercial roofs. Our process begins by thoroughly inspecting your entire roofing system and initial consultation.

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Our commercial roofing services include the following options:

  • Fabric reinforcement. This seamless acrylic coating strengthens your roof’s performance and protects it from the elements and leaks.
  • Membrane coating. Membrane roofs often weather and crack. Applying a layer affordably extends the lifespan of your existing roof.
  • Single-ply membrane. This thermoplastic solution provides a seamless finish and an optimum answer to secure your building from weather-related challenges.
  • SPF. A practical waterproof coating applied to your existing roof, SPF prevents leaks and promotes safe water movement away from your building.
  • Roof replacement. At I-57 Roofing, we offer a 5-year labor and material warranty on workmanship to guarantee your new roof performs as expected.


Below is our address for our Charleston Office:

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  • 4340 Blue Stem Rd
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