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Marcus and David Yoder were born and raised in the Amish heartland of Arthur, Illinois. Growing up on a farm with a carpenter father, they naturally enjoyed building things that last.  With their love of carpentry and great friendship as brothers, Marcus and David launched D&M Construction in 2016, and rebranded as I-57 Roofing in 2020.

At I-57 Roofing, our goal is to be the premium roofing service company in the state. We sit down with our customers and help them pick the best roofing solution for their needs, whether the traditional look of quality architectural asphalt shingles, energy-saving roof coatings that can restore and prolong the life of commercial and industrial roofing systems, or the incomparable durability of standing seam metal roofs fabricated on-site and customized to each roof.

We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Let us protect you and your building with an I-57 Roof!

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Should You Hire Professional Roofing Companies?

Your roof is damaged, and you’re thinking about doing the repairs yourself. However, you also believe that roofing companies in Champaign, Illinois would be a better choice for you. How do you decide in this situation? At I-57 Roofing, we always suggest that you get professional help. And not just because it’ll make us money but because we know that you’ll end up regretting trying this process on your own. Here are a few reasons why you’ll appreciate our work over your own.

Are they Cheaper Than DIY Repairs?

You may think that you’ll save money by not hiring roofing companies and trying to fix your home’s roof damage. This misconception is one that many people have because they don’t realize just how complex it can be to repair a roof. Without proper training, it is straightforward to make mistakes that could cause even minor problems with a roof to spread rapidly and beyond your control.

For example, you may try to add new shingles to a home only to make a mistake in how you nail them down, such as not nailing them on the nail strip but above or below it. In this situation, you’re going to allow a large amount of damage to spread because the shingles will move around, and the hole won’t seal up properly and will cause water to become a persistent issue on your roof.

Instead of making this mistake – and inevitably calling a roofing professional to fix it for you – it is a good idea to have these experts repair or install the roofing for you. In this way, you can feel satisfied knowing that professionals have your back. Just as importantly, you can feel comfortable knowing that your roof is in great shape without you having to do any of the hard repair work yourself.

Do Roofers Do a Better Job Than DIY Repairs?

As mentioned previously, roofing companies are going to save you money on your roof fixes, even if you pay them more initially. That’s just a fact because these experts can do a better job than any amateur for a variety of reasons. First of all, they’ll have access to better materials and will know how to use them in a way that makes your home’s roof stronger and better protected from damage.

Just as importantly, these experts will have tools that you aren’t going to know how to use. Often, these tools are designed to be used by professionals and professionals only. You might think that you could handle some of them – and may be able to in a fundamental way – but your roofers will always do a better job because they’ve been trained and licensed to handle this type of demand for a home.

And these experts will also have access to a myriad of different subcontractors that they can hire to help make this process go easier for you. For example, they may need to work with expert gutter repair professionals and other specialized individuals. By working with these experts, they can give you the kind of high-quality repair and installation that your roof deserves.

Can Roofers Install Roofing Faster Than You?

Homeowners, even those with some experience in roofing, not only lack the specialized skills that roofing companies possess but the proper speed of work. For example, high-quality professional roofers have years of experience working on roofs like yours and fully understand how to create incredible styles that will last for years and keep your home protected from many types of damage.

Just as importantly, they will use many different employees to ensure that every area of your roof gets repaired or installed more quickly than you could do on your own. Yes, it will cost more to pay their wages but, as the work hours will go down, you may end up saving money anyways. And even better, you’ll get the roof that you want much more quickly than if you tried to do it on your own.

This extra speed benefit has more benefits than you may immediately recognize. For example, you can move into your home more quickly if you are installing a new house or roof on your old home. Just as importantly, you can make sure that the damage to your roof doesn’t degrade and cause more problems for your home. In many cases, this can also ensure that you don’t end up with leaks or other issues in your home.

Do You Have a Warranty for Your Repairs?

DIY repairs may seem like a great idea, but they can become a real issue if you make any mistakes. We’ve hinted at this fact throughout this article but want to emphasize it here even more. That’s because you won’t have anybody to help you out if you make mistakes on your repairs that cause damage that was worse than what you initially fixed.

For example, you may end up making a mistake that causes damage to spread on your roof. And while you might have initially saved yourself money, you don’t have a warranty on your repair techniques. As a result, you’re either going to have to pay to fix the problem on your own or call a professional who can handle the fixes for you. In this way, you’d have been better off calling roofing companies first.

These experts do have warranties and various types of insurance that they use to make sure that you are protected. If their repairs go wrong, this warranty will help to cover the costs to ensure that you don’t have to pay. And insurance can help to protect you against more severe problems that may occur, such as a roof collapse caused by an error made by the roofing repair experts during your installation.

Professionals Have Got Your Back

As you can see, we at I-57 Roofing fully understand how to help your roof stay strong and stable. We are one of the most respected roofing companies Champaign, Illinois has to offer, and we work hard to ensure that we can handle all of your needs. So if you’re ready to keep your roof secure and protected against damage, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. You’ll be glad that you took the time to hire us and will appreciate the unique benefits that we provide you.